Game Drive Safari

Game drives are designed to take you close to the wildlife rich spots in the Maasai Mara. This gives you an opportunity to view wild animals in their natural habitat as they go about their daily activities. Game drives are done during the day or night time. Night game drives are however not allowed in the reserve but can be arranged on request.

It is recommended that you use a local driver/guide s/he should be familiar with the area, able to give you lots of information about the animals and their habitat, and know where they can currently be found and how best to approach them. However, one can opt for a self-drive safari on condition that you are familiar with the rules and regulations of the Maasai Mara National Reserve.

You can choose few packages from ONE Night safari or TWO Nights Safari or 3 Nights Safari with Accommodation at Mara Chui Resort.

When making an inquiry for a place to stay in the Mara, please specify on the kind of game drive that you are interested in.


Hot Air Balloon Safari

To get a birds eye view of the Mara and go Hot Air Ballooning, it is great fun. The trip is magical: spend about one hour silently floating over the Savannah in a hot air balloon and it will fill you with enough memories to last a lifetime. You take off in the wee hours of the morning, float in the sky, drifting with the whim of the wind, overlooking the plains, just in time to experience a breathtaking sunrise and catch a bird’s eye view of the reserve. After the flight, you will be treated to a luxurious breakfast to complete the experience as you relax and absorb the moment. Expect to pay somewhere in the region of $550 per person. This includes the transfers and a bubbly breakfast. NOTE: Take a hat to protect your head from the heat of the gas burners


Walking Safari

Walking safaris involves an adventurous trek in the Maasai Mara ecosystem giving you a chance to see the animals in close view. This however, is NOT allowed in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, but is permitted in the conservancies and group ranches that border the Maasai Mara National Reserve. The walks are conducted by specially trained Maasai guides who explain the way of the Maasai culture displaying their skills in animal tracking and sharing their immense knowledge on the wildlife. Most camps and lodges offer walking safaris. When making an enquiry for a place to stay, please let them know you are interested in walking.

Other activities

1. Be a Conservation Ranger

Wild Life Conservation Course

We invite Chief Warden from Maasai Mara National Reserve to give a course about Wild life Conservation, especially about Rhino Conservation.






Conservation Patrol

Go on Patrol with Park Ranger, experience rangers' daily job on conservation of wildlife animals.





Wild Life Tracking

With our wildlife guide, track the animals foot prints and droppings to get full interesting facts of wildlife and nature.

2. Magical Natural Courses

Nature and Culture Walk

Walk with Maasai warriors through the hills, observing plants through Maasai eyes. Get the knowledge of the Maasai plants and their uses






Be a Maasai Warrior

Maasai Warrior teaches the survival skills in the wild, the skills of a hunter, high jumps and throwing a spear







3. Special Experience

Hands in Hands, We Are Together

Visit local school, join their class, play games together and make friends. Donations will be much appreciated by poor students.






Happy Night

Bon Fire Dance:Performance Maasai Dance and attend Maasai Culture Lecture.







Bush Breakfast/ Dinner









Wedding Ceremony

Pastor hosted ceremony, surrounded by Maasai Warriors and Girls. Offer of one champagne and one cake.

4. Photography

Local Experience

Make African Hair, wear Maasai cloth and feel like Maasai People, take photo with locals together







Arrange place and local Model for artificial and commercial shoot.







"For guests who participate in the above Courses for more than 6hours, we'll offer 'Conservation Course Certificate', and a special award."